• The Value of SLP in the Axie Infinity Game
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    The Value of SLP in the Axie Infinity Game

    The Gameplay Environment

    The game environment for the Axie Infinity comes with simplicity despite all the design and mechanics. Besides, the game player must seek to balance out the entire play in complete harmony while preserving the lives of his axies. Basically, after acquiring and building your axies, there are two methods to play the game and earn:

    • Play in the Arena. This method involves using the Elo ranked and matchmade PvP mode where a player’s team engages other players’ teams. The winner then gets the reward of the combat. 
    • Adventure mode. The adventure mode involves a simple PvE campaign connected to the saga map style level. Each player contends with AI-controlled non-axie enemies or monsters in this mode. Conquering these monsters also comes with a reward, and the player gets to build his axies the more. Click here for more detail.

    SLP Grinding and the Play-to-Earn (P2E) Environment

    The Value of SLP in the Axie Infinity Game

    The Smooth Love Potion (SLP) is a significant resource for the core part of the axie infinity game. It is the driver of the P2E gaming environment. In fact, permit me to say that help is the primary reward that a player can look forward to in the entire game. Whereas players can gain SLP in two key ways:

    Adventure (PvE)

    The Value of SLP in the Axie Infinity Game

    The adventure mode refers to the player’s task of contending with the AI oppositions to be promoted to the next level. Therefore, the SLP rewards here are dependent on the current player level and the current star rating of the axis. Indirectly, it also depends on the number of axies that the player contends with and has left. Besides, it also suggests that players have and retain as many axies as possible in the end.

    Arena (PvP)

    The Value of SLP in the Axie Infinity Game

    As for the Arena mode, the player must battle with other players with their axis team. The rewards come with the player that wins the contest. However, the amount of SLP that he gets depends on the current ranking of that player’s team of the axies. By implication, the higher the order, the more SLP the player gets for winning. The player that loses does not get any reward for the match even if he replays at the same level and wins. Further to understanding the NFT gaming platform war visit: https://www.protocol.com/nft-play-to-earn-steam

    Gaining and Trading SLPs

    A player can gain SLP from the acquired energy from wins. As a result, energy is the real gating factor for SLP creation. On the other hand, as the game player achieves more axies, the energy acquisition and renewal rate becomes higher and faster. In addition, at about two-week intervals, the player can claim their SLP within the game and withdraw into the Ronin wallet that must have been linked. This activity is called putting the income on the chain (blockchain).

    When the SLP has been successfully moved on to this chain, it can then be traded on any exchange platform such as Binance, or it can be used to breed more axies. In the long run, the trading involving buying and selling SLP via the marketplace and other platforms led to the gig economy of players grinding SLP in the game. They earn the SLP and sell it off for a flat rate. 

    It will excite you to know that if a player invests three solid hours of playing time per day, it is possible to earn up to 500 SLPs per week. And depending on the current SLP rate, the USD, you can make above $32 per week and $1664 per year from trading SLPs. Meanwhile, many players are playing through a scholarship program, which loans then some axis into the game; they can also cash out their earning and split up. Scholars can get up to 70% of their total earnings.

    Importance of SLP in Axie Infinity

    At times, one may be tempted to think that the AXS is the most critical token in the Axie Infinity gaming environment. But the virtual world is nothing, especially in rewards without the SLP because of its fundamental role in the game space. The role of SLP is what establishes this game as an NFT where you can play to earn rewards successfully. 

    Otherwise, what difference will this game make when a player completes a task, wins combat, and gets no tangible reward except entertainment? Somehow, it defeats its core significance and selling point as a pay-to-earn game. Also, as the player gains more experience and expertise and builds his level, he can get more SLP tokens. Another way to gain SLP is by completing the daily tasks on the Axie Infinity platform that refreshes every 24 hours. 

    What more? The SLP is the crucial reason the player needs to win battles, beat off enemies, and compete in different tasks. In addition, apart from the AXS, the player needs the SLP to breed new offspring axes from parent ones. And the breeding process can be repeated up to seven times. Simply put, the SLP token makes the entire Axie Infinity economy go round. Therefore, players must do all they can to use their SLP judiciously to build stronger teams. 

    Is the price of the SLP coin going down?

    The Value of SLP in the Axie Infinity Game

    SLP as a digital asset does not have one of the most vital positions among cryptocurrencies, especially as an altcoin. But more importantly, the recent trends point to the fact that we may see a further plunge in its value in the coming weeks. However, this decline may not be all specific to the SLP as the cryptocurrency market is experiencing some fluctuations and facing some uncertainties. 

    If strong coins like Ethereum can take a hit, even up to Cardano (ADA), the altcoin, SLP is just one that should not cause a big surprise in the crypto market. Moreover, the traders and game players can play while accruing more SLPs but holding on with the selling process. Alternatively, they can begin to use the SLP to breed more axis. 

    Conclusion – SLP Price Prediction for 2022

    The Value of SLP in the Axie Infinity Game

    Investors had claimed that the SLP token within the Axie Infinity game world will reach its all-time high by 2023. The predicted level may reach 0.15 USD per SLP, while others indicate that the price may even get $0.2. With all these predictions, the price may end up at about 0.10 USD by the end of the year 2022. 

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  • The Ultimate Structure of the Axie Infinity NFT Game
    Axie Infinity,  Play to Earn Games

    The Ultimate Structure of the Axie Infinity NFT Game

    In the Axie Infinity game plot, we can begin to consider some of the most critical information that one needs to learn about them. First, the Axie Infinity represents an integral part of the digital world in which players can earn income while they play. This kind of system is known as the play-to-earn model.

    In this system, the game allows players to breed Axies, fight with them, and trade them with their favorite Axies. But if you are new to the game, the guide is helpful through the thick and thin of a fast-growing virtual universe that now has over $100 million in a month.

    The Axie Infinity Game

     Currently, about 200,000 daily players play to earn on the axie infinity. Meanwhile, if the player wants to play the game, then the following requirements are critical to provide

    The Ultimate Structure of the Axie Infinity NFT Game
    • The player must have an ERC 20 wallet with some ETH inside it. You can buy ETH coins from any significant cryptocurrency exchange market, such as Coinbase and Binance.
    • You must have a Ronin wallet, which you can download and create online
    • Link your ETH to your Ronin wallet to be able to make an exchange on the ERC-20 wallet using the Ronin Bridge
    • When the ETH gets into the Ronin wallet, you can acquire 3 axies to create a team for the in-game activities. On the other hand, you can purchase axis from the Axie Infinity marketplace.
    • When you land on the Axie Infinity marketplace, you can create a new account from the button at the top right corner. After then, you can follow the prompts to complete the process.
    • Proceed to download the game itself from the homepage when you click “Play Now” at the top right corner of the page.

    Finally, you now have the first three Axies to start your game with and build a formidable team. If you follow through in this article, we will consider some of the basic tactics you need to develop in this axis. In addition, we will share how to choose the correct axis for each activity on the game and make them become real fighters and champions. 

    Axie Infinity is a crucial game where players can choose the preferred place to fight, such as the arena, against other players and earn SLP in the end. On the other hand, players can play in adventure mode and fight against the monsters in the game. When a player wins at this mode, he can unlock new levels in the game, train a new axis for more functionality and earn SLP in the process. 

    How to Buy Your First Set of Axies from the Axie Infinity Marketplace

    The Ultimate Structure of the Axie Infinity NFT Game

    The Axie Infinity Marketplace contains all the essential ingredients, skills, features, characters, and items you need to advance and achieve great results. Moreover, as we begin to have an explosive user base, there has been an increase in the game’s price over the past few months. Therefore, this change in price means that it is imperative to think through the choice to make your first purchase. 

    More so, you should now select the right axis that can maximize your winning potential and earn you the SLP you need. We strongly recommend that when buying an Axie, choose the one with a 0 breed count. By so doing, the axies enable you to breed our qualities into them and create more easily. In the end, you get to use these build axies in the game or sell them off for money later. 

    How can you search for these special axies? Quite simple. Search using the filter icon on the left side of the screen and state the following conditions when setting up the filters.

    • Breed Count: 0
    • Class: Beast, Plant & Bird
    • Stage: Adult
    • Pureness: 6

    Ideally, you should obtain up to 2,121 different axies in the result. Then you can make your choice among them. 

    Picking Axies for Breeding

    The Ultimate Structure of the Axie Infinity NFT Game

    When picking the Axies for a breeding process, you should ensure you download Freak’s Axie Extension(click here to add Chrome extension to help play Axie Infinity). This tool helps you see the excellent genes and pureness in the percentage that the axies have. Personally, I like to choose the axies with 90%+ pureness. However, as a beginner, you can still use an 80% level of pureness and work perfectly. Furthermore, the other items that work for the game include starting with the following characters and items such as;

    • Beast: Ronin, Cottontail, Imp, Goda, in which the eyes and the ears don’t really matter
    • Bird: Hungry bird, Raven/Cupid, and Kestrel. Using the eyes and ears don’t really matter
    • Plant: Pumpkin, Serious, Carrot, and Beech. There is no need to think of the eyes and ears

    The three axies above are 0 bred. There is also a 6/6 pureness, which is an excellent opportunity for generating the axies down the road.

    Breeding Axies in the Axie Infinity game

    Apart from playing the game, some people can find better-fit breeding axies to earn you many profits. At the same time, they breed these axies for scholarships, and as you produce them, you can create an extensive collection of axies in the right places. When you generate the axies to the proper stature, you can also sell them on the axie marketplace.

    The breeding process of axies is not tricky but involves some tough decisions that the player must master. First of all, note that each axie requires breeding seven good times with a breeding cost of 4 AXS. In addition, the SLP tokens can also increase. The breeding axies can take about two adult axies to pair them up. Consider the table below:



    In conclusion, we hope that this guide is sufficient to enable you set out on your first Axie Infinity gaming adventure. Besides, we hope to get your feedback and comment on how each of these steps has helped you. The purpose is that we may also add more features to our guide in the future. Good luck 

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